What Makes For A Successful Season?

          Goals are essential for any athlete and help to direct energy and focus, increase motivation, lift confidence, and ultimately improve performance. But what is the best approach to successfully accomplish these goals throughout a single season and beyond? Is there a secret to it? Read More...

          Our mission is to drive individual performance improvement, whether for beginners, intermediate or advanced level athletes.  If you improve your performance not only on an athletic level but also in other areas in life such as family, friends, work we achieve positive effects on our end and call ourselves successful.

          Athletic success is an ongoing process. Even if athletes are not lazy they oftentimes miss opportunities and don’t reach their full potential. The “secret sauce” is not any singular workout, rather it is the recipe and roadmap for each athlete’s individual performance ride throughout the season that will allow them to achieve their goals. We want to empower each athlete to make keen decisions that are in alignment with training, work, social life and fitness/race objectives. Athletes easily tend to under (or over) fuel, sleep too little, have high stress at work and have trouble balancing quality time with family.  All the mentioned factors have a negative impact on the body to adapt to the training load. What happens? You end up shortening workouts, try to fit too many sessions into too little time and/or skip them altogether. The outcome is either a minimal to no gain in fitness, or you end up being so fatigued from trying to do too much on minimal recovery that you compromise your fitness trajectory. One scenario leaves you feeling guilty that you missed trainings, while the other scenario eventually circles back to missed workouts, leads to poor moods and a negative impact on your work and home life.  

          What is the “secret ingredient” to overcome these situations? We already know that consistency & communication are critical. Therefore, we must develop a training plan that targets the key workouts and makes them effective and successful while the plan still ebbs and flows with your life and the nature of things that happen. Training plans are not set in stone and even though your coaches are there to help adjust the plan when life gets in the way, we also want to empower and educate the athlete to make confident decisions when needed. As unpredictable as life can be, a training plan must coordinate with that reality. Please see below ‘ingredients’ to make the magic happen: 

  1. Have a general training load that can be completed consistently and effectively. We would prefer 7 hours of highly efficient training, completed as prescribed, over 12 hours of crammed workouts that are done haphazardly and compromise eventual fitness gains, recovery and sleep.

  2. A strong hierarchy in prioritizing training sessions is required. Complete the key workouts and know that the supporting sessions can be added or reduced when time and energy levels allow.

  3. Be flexible and prepared to scale within a workout session. Adjust downward within any training either in intensity or duration, including within prescribed intervals. Sometimes your coach is not immediately available to consult when you are about to begin, or are in mid-workout. There will be times when your body just doesn’t cooperate in the manner you hope when starting a workout. When this happens, we want you to be empowered enough that you can make the decision “on the fly” whether to push on, or dial it back.

          The three points listed above are the basics behind our coaching philosophy, but it becomes reality with the athlete’s fitness adaptions that are realized when they apply this approach throughout an entire season(s).

          While all athletes aim for 100% consistency in their training, good intentions can easily go awry with all of life’s demands. Therefore, the plan we develop must give enough room for progression, yet allow for the flexibility to alter workouts when necessary for the athlete to be successful. This method and merging an athlete’s training plan with life will deliver the secret sauce and results. The outcomes are a combination of the athlete truly following the plan and making wise decisions throughout the season. Our job as coaches is to develop a sound overall plan, educate and empower the athlete & trust the athlete to make rational decisions when necessary.

Train smart!

Albert D. at CIM December 2016, powerful expression after crossing the finish line of his first marathon

Albert D. at CIM December 2016, powerful expression after crossing the finish line of his first marathon