Become a Better Athlete During Post Season, I

What can you do during the post season? First, collect your thoughts and reflect upon your training year and the races you have done. Here are some critical components to take into consideration: Read More...

  • Ask yourself what did I do well? Be very honest with yourself. Did I really do X, Y or Z well?
  • Did I put in the intensity when the sessions called for it & hold back when it didn’t?
  • Did I put in the volume as prescribed? Did I do more/less?
  • Did I do strength training?
  • Did I work on my nutrition and weight management?
  • Did I allow myself enough rest/recovery/sleep?
  • Most importantly, what do I want from my training?

Athletes tend to have many grey areas when they are asked why they do what they do. Hopefully you do it because you want to be healthy and it is enjoyable (most of the time). These should be two of the top reasons to get off the couch each day. As you answer the questions above be prepared to possibly alter your training volume, number of events and overall goals for the coming year. Don’t overwhelm yourself before the new season even begins.

You might look back on the current year and think: "Well, I could have done better...” Often we forget about the small successes along the way. Identify tangible areas where you made improvements & incorporate those into next year. Small successes are important in building confidence going into the New Year. Also look to areas that you may have failed miserably and determine how to address those in the coming months. Use those moments to fuel your desire to make yourself better moving forward.

Next, write down what you want, not what you could have done or should have done. Examples are:

  • I will train X amount or number of days per week
  • I will train X amount of hours per day
  • I want to improve my “insert discipline here” by X amount
  • I want my body fat % to be X
  • I will focus on these 2-3 races
  • I want to be on this level within my Age-Group
  • I want to place top ten at Nationals
  • My long-term goal is to...

Pick something that truly drives you and that you can become passionate about. This will enable you to really go after it. Write out your goals and list them as Short-Term (weeks to a few months), Medium-Term (several months to a year) & Long-Term objectives. Assess what you now have written out and determine if everything is realistic and make necessary adjustments. This is now your road map for the foreseeable future. You must sit down and review this periodically to see if you are on the right path and can alter course if needed.

The coming blogs over the following weeks will be about taking care of training niggles during the post season as well as eating tips and managing your weight this Holiday Season.

We are looking toward to discussing your 2018 plans, goals & events. Train smart.

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