September 2016

Nutrition Science and Practice

Nutrition Science and Practice


Nutrition during workouts, Part II

    Effective endurance performance is not just determined by how fast you can go; it is equally important how successful you are at delaying fatigue. Getting your hydration and nutrition right is a key component in endurance sports.  As discussed in the August blog even minimal dehydration can hinder an athlete’s performance caused by reduced blood volume and reduced amount of oxygenated blood pumped to working muscles. Common difficulties endurance athletes face is to consume adequate calories including key nutrients such as iron, protein, calcium. Timing of food intake around the exercise is another shared challenge

Power to Weight Ratio: Faster without the fluff...

Power to weight ratio - our real world experiment (video)

Not only an aircraft needs a good power to weight ratio to fly. Pretty much any Tour de France winner, Ironman champion, you name it, agonized days, weeks, months over their personal ratio. Check out our findings in the video below.