Tier 1 - Advantage Coaching includes:

Kinney Multisports' most popular training support is designed to meet your highest aspirations! Suitable for athletes that need a flexible training calendar with on the fly adjustment to cope with dynamic, unpredictable family/work/social commitments.


  1. Fully Customized Training Plan w/Premium TrainingPeaks Account
  2. Weekly Training Data Analysis & Feedback
  3. Unlimited Phone & E-Mail Contact
  4. Key Race Strategy/Pacing Discussion
  5. Support Race Strategy/Pacing Discussion
  6. Post Competition Data Analysis
  7. Training Specific Nutrition/Hydration Discussion
  8. Key Race Nutrition/Hydration Plan Discussion
  9. Unlimited Weekend Group Workouts
  10. Time Prediction for Key Competition


  1. Duration of Consultation: 4 hours
  2. Body Composition Analysis
  3. Determine Lactate Threshold via Blood Lactate Production
  4. Develop Heart Rate Training Zones (Cycling & Running)
  5. Determine Functional Threshold Power & Realted Zones
  6. Cycling Performance Potential
  7. Athlete Questionnaire Review

—Melanie’s Testimonial New York, NY

"I’ve been training for and racing triathlons under Coach Paul’s guidance for 9 years and counting.  He has prepared me for all of my PRs and highlights like doing an Ironman, but perhaps just as, if not more importantly, he has also steadily steered me through not-as-fun times including injury and motivation slumps (life-induced and not training-induced!).  Coach Paul makes sure the limited training hours I have at my disposal are most efficiently spent.  He also saves me the time and mental energy necessary to craft and execute a purposeful training plan, infuses it with expertise that I do not have (however much I read on the topic out of curiosity), and also productively pushes my fitness comfort level when I do not have the discipline necessary to do so on my own.  

Beyond Coach Paul’s wealth of experience and expertise, I think he is truly exceptional in his ability to relate with and effectively train people of wide-ranging backgrounds, aptitudes, and goals.  Coach Paul is as supportive and welcoming of my modest goals as he is of the admirable ambitions of his serious and fast athletes; he indulges discussion of whatever obscure physiology paper I have unearthed as easily as he answers a first timer’s bicycle questions or finely analyzes the freestyle stroke of an age group champion. 

As much as the training and racing itself, Coach Paul has enabled me to become an athlete.  I look forward to many more years of his coaching and highly recommend him to anyone considering multipart or endurance sport coaching."