Tier 1: $495/month + $175 for the one time Initial Consultation/Threshold Testing Fee.

This is a great option for the passionate amateur athlete or those with challenging work and life schedules. This program is highly restricted to maintain quality.

  1. Bi Annual FTP testing

  2. Monthly planned meetings with your coach to evaluate technique and form

  3. Fully Customized Training Plan w/Premium TrainingPeaks Account

  4. Weekly Training Data Analysis & Feedback

  5. Unlimited Phone & E-Mail Contact

  6. Key Race Strategy/Pacing Discussion

  7. Support Race Strategy/Pacing Discussion

  8. Post Competition Data Analysis

  9. Training Specific Nutrition/Hydration Discussion

  10. Key Race Nutrition/Hydration Plan Discussion

  11. Unlimited Weekend Group Workouts

  12. Time Prediction for Key Competition

Tier 2: $225/month + $175 for the one time Initial Consultation/Threshold Testing Fee.

Kinney Multisports' most popular training support is designed to meet your highest aspirations! Suitable for athletes that need a flexible training calendar with on the fly adjustment to cope with dynamic, unpredictable family/work/social commitments.

  1. Fully Customized Training Plan w/Premium TrainingPeaks Account

  2. Weekly Training Data Analysis & Feedback

  3. Unlimited Phone & E-Mail Contact

  4. Key Race Strategy/Pacing Discussion

  5. Support Race Strategy/Pacing Discussion

  6. Post Competition Data Analysis

  7. Training Specific Nutrition/Hydration Discussion

  8. Key Race Nutrition/Hydration Plan Discussion

  9. Unlimited Weekend Group Workouts

  10. Time Prediction for Key Competition

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please contact us at and we’ll work with you to find a package to fit your needs and budget.


Additional Services

Critical Power Testing: $299 for single testing/analysis 

Lactate Testing: $299 for single testing/analysis 

Maximal Aerobic Power / FTP test, noninvasive: $125

  • Determine Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (Non-Invasive)

  • Determine Functional Threshold Power & Realted Zones

  • Develop Heart Rate Training Zones (Cycling & Running)

Best Bike Split: $65 per Bike Analysis

  • Accurately predict a goal time and wattage, plan power targets for optimal training, and create a detailed race day pacing plan.

  • Utilize data from your training and racing to determine which power output will yield the best performance overall (bike + run), over each specific course you race.

  • Compare multiple pacing strategies to determine the differences mixed outputs have on the different parts of the course’s terrain or how a certain target time might compare with a plan for a specific TSS score to allow you a more effective run off the bike.

  • Model the affect bike fit and equipment choices have on your overall bike time.

  • Perhaps the best part of the software isn’t even the theoretical planning tools based on training and racing. It also supports the execution of a race plan on race day, during the actual event. You are able to print out cheat sheets that give you suggested power outputs when riding under different course conditions like flat with headwind, flat with tailwind, climbs, etc., or you can have real-time targets sent directly to your compatible Garmin or Wahoo head unit device. This allows you to more effectively hit the goal numbers of the race plan to maximize your bike split AND set you up for the best possible run.

Swim Stroke Analysis: $95, $75 Re-Analysis

  • Athlete provided underwater video is analyzed in person, via Skype or over email

  • Detailed stroke analysis is performed on each video to determine inefficiencies & flaws in technique

  • Each Flaw is reviewed & appropriate corrections are suggested

  • Proper technique is discussed and drills are provided to improve efficiency and speed

  • Write up with drills, and sample workouts are sent via mail within 1 week

Run Gait Analysis: $95, Re-Analysis $75

  • Video is used to determine your current running style

  • Drills are demonstrated and executed

  • A video summary and photo is sent within 1 week

Stryd Running Power Meter Analysis: $95, Re-Analysis $75

  • Running power averages and maxes are displayed

  • Stryd power metrics include form power and leg spring stiffness

  • Running dynamics metrics include Vertical Oscillation, Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, Ground Contact Balance and Vertical Ratio

Personal Strength Training SessionsStarting at $65/Hr.

  • A stronger athlete is a faster athlete. We offer personal training services to those who are looking for one-on-one, or small groups, to help them by supplementing their endurance sports training to increase strength and reduce likelihood of injury.

  • Individualized training sessions (indoor/outdoor) that will completely optimize your training experience. Having hands-on expert information and guidance will take you to the next level.

  • The program focuses on functional movement as well as training for power, strength and/or speed for any sport. We apply the use of functional training combined with core stability, plyometrics, and agility drills to help build confidence and self-esteem while increasing performance, no matter what type activity or sport you do. Our specific, personalized training will help you improve your weaknesses and continue to develop your strengths!