The Weak Link

The properly fueled and hydrated body is an amazing specimen capable of breaking barriers and beating out the best in competition. Through a combination of cutting edge research, science, and a comprehensive needs-analysis, Ilona will help you improve your endurance, speed, recovery and overall energy levels.

The key to improving your performance is to finding weak links. What is currently holding you back? Are you fatigue between training sessions and recover slowly? Are you looking to reduce your body fat or aim to gain lean muscle mass? What is the "why" for your desire of personal change?


The Big Picture

Improving energy and performance means looking at the big picture. There is no one single nutrition program for an individual or an endurance athlete. We can have two athletes on similar training programs and they may not necessarily have the same nutritional demands to achieve success. For this reason, we assess many different factors when we work with an athlete to find out what makes each individual tick. 

Therefore, be flexible and avoid nutritional dogmas and labels for yourself. Have an open mind to new experiences inside and outside of the kitchen, as well as changes in the ever-evolving field of nutrition.



The Unique Approach

We care about you and your long term goals and successes. My approach is rooted in evidence-based nutrition science with a foundation in intuitive eating—understanding and cultivating a connection between how meals impact our bodies, fitness and mental health.

It's important to develop a program that fits your lifestyle, is realistic and achievable. Whether you are competing, or training through the winter or for fun, duration and intensity of the sport and your distinctive health situations will determine your individual nutritional requirements. The program is then customized to meet the needs of your body and the demands of your sport at various times throughout the training/racing season.



Nutrition Counseling

With a dizzying amount of confusing an often conflicting nutritional information out there, it's hard to know how to eat properly these days.  Many base nutritional preaching on n=1. That is, something that has worked for them, will work for the rest of the population. However this is not science and indeed can result in dangerous consequences from nutrient deficiencies, to poor growth and development.

We will help you sort through it and tailor a plan with your goals and lifestyle in mind. Separate yourself from quick fixes and trendy diets and allow us to develop a customized plan for you.You will be provided with the tools and support to change your lifestyle, allowing you to reach your maximum potential and wellbeing!

Initial Nutrition Consult for $149:

  • This initial 60-minute Nutrition Consult (not to be used as your ADDITIONAL 1hr CONSULT) involves an assessment of your present nutritional practises, a nutrition plan or intervention and then advice on best follow up package (seen below).

  • The consult will go over your Nutrition History Questionnaire, provide suggestions or adjustments, discuss supplements, daily nutrition/hydration, training schedule and more before putting a nutrition plan into action.

Personalized Meal Plan:

  • This plan is beneficial for those trying to lose weight (decrease body fat %) or those wanting to put on lean muscle tissue. Each plan is unique to the individual and their goals.

  • Please reach out for pricing, it varies based on needs.

  • *Must book an INTIAL Consult separately*

Personalized One Week Macro Prescription:

  • A caloric assessment will inform you of a caloric and macronutrient intake necessary for your specific age, height, weight, gender and goals on an active day versus a rest day. Your unique macronutrient breakdown will inform you of appropriate carbohydrate, fat and protein intake necessary for your specific body, health and fitness goals plus info on how to set up and track using FoodProgidy and logging data in the software.

  • We will start with a one hour Initial Consult (booked separately) to get an idea of your goals, current habits, training schedule and volume etc. and follow up with one check-in.

  • Please reach out for pricing, it varies based on needs.

  • *Must book an INTIAL Consult separately*

Additional 1 Hour Consult for $99:

  • This is an additional 60-minute Nutrition Consult (not to be used as your initial consult) that can cover any topics of interest. I can go over diet logs, supply research on any supplements and get an idea of your current routine to see what changes we can make to get you reaching your goals.

Easy Self Check for $59 per session:

  • Not quite sure which service you need? Book a 30 minute assessment session to discuss your needs and identify the most appropriate service.

  • This is a 30-minute Nutrition session done via phone or skype that covers any topics of interest. We can go over diet logs, supply research on any supplements and get an idea of your current routine to see what changes we can make to further you reaching your goals.

In my practice, I define healthy eating as unrestrained eating; where you eat everything but in moderation and I think here lies the problem: moderation is not innovative; it is not glamorous or sexy and is actually quite difficult to achieve.

I stand by my word that being healthy is not just about food; it is also a mind set. The most important lesson I try and teach my clients is self-acceptance and self worth. This doesn’t come from eating a certain way or following a certain practise, self esteem comes from accepting you are good enough just the way you are. Shouldn’t this be what we try to encourage and in still in each other rather than a sense of failure because we choose to eat food that is deemed “Not Clean”, “Not Vegan”, “Not Keto”, “Not Vegetarian”, “Not Low Carb”….





Ilona holds a Certification in Fitness and Sport Nutrition from ISSA and is an IRONMAN Certified Coach. She earned dual degrees in Business Administration from Colorado Technical University and Kaethe-Kollwitz University Marburg, Germany. After completing her degree, she moved to San Francisco where she worked as a Director of Revenue Management.  Working and training for an Ironman encouraged her to find ways to take care of her physical self to optimize performance and recovery. She quickly learned the importance of exercise and nutrition and how they work hand in hand. Having both aligned, enhanced the functioning of her body and developed her passion for health & fitness-related knowledge. 

But that in and of itself was not enough. The realization came when she noticed that many of her coworkers had poor diets, lacked regular, or any, exercise & possessed a limited desire to make effective lifestyle changes were contributing to the high stress and unhealthy lifestyles that are so commonplace in our society. As a result, she left her corporate job and now assists her husband in running their endurance coaching business based in the San Ramon, California. She wanted to put her passion in action and embrace a healthier, fitter lifestyle working full time as a nutritionist and endurance sports coach. Ilona’s love of healthy food, passion for endurance sports, education, and her eagerness to empower clients will allow clients of all ability levels to achieve a whole-body solution for optimal health and fitness!

I always want to help an athlete achieve their true potential but not at the cost of their long-term health.


Bachelors in Business Administration

Ironman Certified Coach

ISSA Certified Fitness Nutritionist

ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist


Ilona is enthusiastic about her work and passionate about improving the overall health and fitness for individuals. By coupling nutritional counseling with her diverse background in fitness and business, she provides a unique outlook on nutrition. 

She has learned through personal and academic experience, that nutrition is completely individualized; there is no one size fits all approach to eating and/or exercise. Listening to each client’s specific needs, Ilona brings a fresh and innovative approach to each counseling session.

Simple Science + Expert Guidance + Soulful Support = Your Best Self


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